DEEP Dryft 14ft Race / Touring SUP V18

€1.595,00 €2.395,00

The Dryft PRO ELITE is about refining ideas and making the best all round race and touring board. The Dryft is the board of choice amongst recreational paddlers and also with top level international racers.
Elite paddlers need to focus on crossing the line in first place and want a board that is not only quick and responsive but is also efficient to paddle and reliable. 
The new Dryft PRO ELITE has a more refined nose entry with lower rocker, to help with piercing chop and runners. The bottom shape is slightly more rolled to improve glide, which is balanced out with a smoother entry concave for stability and lift. The whole outline is more parallel with a wider tail, all with the purpose of finding the perfect balance between speed, efficiency and stability. Flat water, chop or downwind bumps. This board can take it all on and can get you to the finish line first. 

14’ x 22” @ 285 litres

14’ x 24” @ 311 litres

14’ x 26” @ 330 litres

14’ x 28” @ 355 litres

Available now for delivery through out Europe.