*NEW* Deep Dryft 14' Race Pro Tech SUP

€1.995,00 €2.395,00


If you like things in life to be simple, then the Dryft Pro Race Tech is your perfect board. Featuring a semi-recessed flat deck and an upgraded all round performance bottom shape that improves glide, speed and lift, the Dryft Pro Race Tech is the go-to board for anyone that wants to go fast in all conditions - in flat water as well as it does in open ocean and down winding.

Its World Championship winning ability on both flat and ocean race means this board will have you covered. This board does it all. 

Pro Race Tech works for our team and we know it will work for you, regardless of your skill level or preferred race discipline. The Dryft Pro Race Tech is perfectly suited to perform at all the events around the world. 

14' x 21.5" @ 280 litres
14' x 22” @ 286 litres
14' x 22.5" @ 293 litres
14' x 23" @ 299 litres
14’ x 24” @ 312 litres
14' x 25" @ 325 litres
14’ x 26” @ 330 litres
14’ x 28” @ 355 litres